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Bringing over 35 years of personal, individual experience as a custom tailor, I Have acquired an eye for proper lines and proportions to match your body type. This is an unusual talent among tailors today. Shirts, slacks, topcoats, sport jackets and classic European styled suits are my specialty.

A good suit of clothing and proper fit is a visual reflection of a mans personal standards in business or social settings. Taking the time to acquire clothing that anchors in your wardrobe basics provides a foundation to then build on. You will project an air of confidence and self assurance, taste and style. Dressing well not only makes you feel good but is a non-verbal expression about yourself, even influencing your business and personal relationships. As an established custom tailor we can make you a custom suit using specially chosen fabrics, cut and construction to suit your body type and bring about the very best attributes of your build.

You deserve to have well-made, good fitting clothes, clothes that fit only you and not others like you. You are an individual and should treat yourself as such. A good suit is a great place to start and Q The Tailor Bespoke Clothiers and Wardrobe consultants are the people to do it.

Our Mission is to assist those that pursue the art of dressing well, by giving them the art of the fit.

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